Create a Form

Create a Form

In the menu, click the link “E& P Forms Builder”

This is the forms list. You can import existing form datas clicking the button “Import forms”, or create a new form clicking the “New Form” button .

To edit an existing form, simply click the pencil icon in the row of the wanted form.

Here is the form view :

In the Step manager part, you can visualize each step composing your form.

In the Form settings part, you can edit all details and options of your form. To get more information on a field, simply move your mouse over it to show an informative tooltip.

  • General” tag shows all the main texts and options of the current form
  • Clicking the “Email” tab, you can edit the email templates and choose to send a confirmation email to the customer.
  • The “Discount coupons” tab allows you to manage reductions codes for your form.
  • The “Last Step” tab allow you to manage the payment methods, texts, options and fields of the last step of the form.
    If you have Gravity Form installed, you can choose to assign a Gravity form to this final step. In this case, the form will be submitted directly by Gravity.
  • From the “Design” tab, you can change the colors of the form and manage the design options.

Simply move the cursor over an option to see a tooltip giving more information on it.