Link Steps and Manage Conditions

On the form view, if you have more than one step, move your mouse on a step, and click on the “link” icon :

Then click on a second step to create the link.
Now, when the customer will click on the “Next step” button, it will be redirected to the second choosen step.

But you can also link a step to several other steps, and add conditions for each link.
To edit a link a add conditions, click on the link pencil icon :

Here is the link view:

If you add conditions to a link, the linked step will be called only if all defined conditions are filled.

To add a new condition, simply click on the “Add a condition” button.

In the first field, you must select an element. It can be any item from any step, or the current total price.

Choose a condition using the second field. When a condition need a value (ex: price is superior to), you will see a third field to fill the value.