Use Distance Calculations

To use distance calculations in your form, you first need to fill the “Google Maps browser key” with a valid key. To get a browser javascript API key for Google Maps, please follow this link :

Once you have your key go to your Digital Quote Builder dashboard, open the quote where you will be calculating the distance. Click the GENERAL tab in the settings and paste the key into the Google Maps Browser Key field, be sure to save your changes. 

As mentioned in the section, you can use distance calculations in your custom calculations. You can also use it as quantity, enabling the “Use distance as quantity ?” option on an item.

In this second case, the calculated distance will be automatically defined as quantity on this item (this automatic quantity can’t be modified by the customer).

Here is the distance calculation panel you can see clicking the “Add a distance” button in a custom calculation, or the “Configure distance” button of the “Use distance as quantity ?” option:

Simply select the corresponding fields (textfields and selects) of your form on each drodown for departure and arrival addresses. If a field doesn’t exist in your form, you can simply leave the drop-down value to “Nothing”.

Then choose if the result must be generated in km or miles and click the “Insert” button to finish.

The distances are calculated by Google Maps for a normal vehicle, taking into account the real path taken.

If the distance can’t be calculated by Google Maps, an error message will be displayed (you can edit it from the “Texts” tab) and the next step button will be hidden, so that the user can’t continue the form without correcting the filled fields.